Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Entry #35 - White Wicker and Courtesans

Dear Diary,
     Month eight of spinsterdom is upon me and my conviction to die alone and be eaten by my cats is stronger than ever; conveniently, so is the general aversion the male population has toward me.
For about a week I considered switching from spinster to courtesan for a while, you know, to spice things up. In a eureka moment akin to Matt Damon solving complex mathematical equations in Good Will Hunting, I convinced myself of the following:
Subtracting expectations of commitment and conversation + working on my fitness (Kim's my witness) = assured success.
I was so convinced of my success that I even brainstormed a couple new names for the old blog: "Diary of a Casually Coveted Courtesan" was my personal favourite, although "Journal of a Part Time Paramour" wasn't bad either.
As it turns out, however, my Good Will Hunting moment was more of A Beautiful Mind moment; heavy on the delusion, easy on the reality. Lucky for me, much like olives, wine, and blue cheese, I have acquired a taste for and an appreciation of the many and varied rebuffs I have been on  the receiving end of; and let me tell you, this was a particularly fine vintage - Mwah! I begrudgingly respect it. Consider me put in my place!     

The good news is, while my pride may have been momentarily damaged, the cat plate collection is in mint condition. This month includes the addition of a new plate! Hooray!

 At first the idea of finding a new plate to compete with the likes of "Frisky Business", "Who's the fairest of them all?", or "Gone Fishin'" seemed an impossible task. Also, I was almost certain that I had purchased every last cat plate the city of Victoria had to offer. Imagine my delight when I came across this month's beauty, "Rainy Day Friends". As described on the back of the plate, along with the edition number, is the following description: "The mischief and magic of kittens at play is captured in this series of limited edition porcelain plates"...perfect.
What captured my eye on this particular piece was the amazing early 90's colour scheme. Nothing says "put me on a white wicker shelf" quite like a pastel blue and pastel purple background. When you add to this the cherry blossoms, raindrops, and adorable black and white kitten admiring his own reflection the result is 100% purrfection.


  1. Hannah your inventive, amusing and original blog continues to amaze me! The new plate is just adorable and I am sure much admired by Gus, the Bachelor Cat.

  2. Brilliant. The first line made me burst out laughing. Thank you.