Friday, February 17, 2012

Entry #59 - "Are you the Spinster Aunt?"

Dear Diary,

      A few weeks ago I was...recognized. Not in the usual way, no no. Usually when I am recognized it is by a baffled young student who is surprised to see me outside of a school setting. Some children are happy to see me, some are excited to see me, and some, much like a miniature ex boyfriend, are a little embarrassed to see me and wonder if they can avoid acknowledging my presence altogether.
This was different, this time I was recognized not as Miss G, but rather as the Spinster Aunt, as in *slight head tilt* "Are you the Spinster Aunt"? To which I replied after a moment of stunned silence "...Yes. Yes I am". I was both extremely proud and mildly abashed at the same time; proud that this impartial stranger really enjoyed the blog and found it to be funny, and mildly embarrassed as every blog I have ever published flashed through my mind...all of the many, many pictures and stories. I realized all at once that this person right in front of me, whom I had never met before, may have read all about the fact that I:

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Entry #58 - My Funny(Looking) Valentine

Dear Diary,
        I really like February, I always have. If I had been given a choice in utero (as an advanced fetus of unparalleled cognitive capabilities), I would have chosen to arrive a week early on Monday, February 28th, 1983. February has an allure that March lacks, a certain mystique of sorts. February is the shortest month (supply and demand?), the month of leap days (birthday jackpot), and most importantly, it is the month that contains Groundhog Day. When they add the Family Day stat holiday in 2013 I shall declare February the King of Months! Hurrah!

and Valentine's Day.
That's in there too.