Monday, February 28, 2011

Entry #29 - Subarctic Spinster

Diary of a Spinster Aunt - Entry #29: Subarctic Spinster

Dear Diary,
       Another cold snap in Victoria has once again sent spinster mansion straight back into the last glacial era. I thought that after caulking some of the windows earlier this winter that at least some heat would remain in the house, but much like my belief at age twelve that I would be married with a house and two children by twenty-eight, I was very much mistaken.
      The bathroom is what we call the "epicentre of frigidity"; going in there, especially early in the morning after the door has been closed all night, is akin to using an outhouse in Nunavut. The window in there doesn't actually close, so I have shoved a shirt in the gap between the window and the frame. This is about as helpful as using scotch tape to fix a leak in a waterbed.
    If life were more like a historical romance novel, Kim and I would have a blazing hearth to sit in front of while we do our needle point/read aloud to one another/put ribbons on bonnets. However, living in modern and seriously unromantic times, Kim and I must settle for sitting in front of the oven after we've baked something.

Well Diary, I think I'll sit and watch the icicles melt for a while. There are some real doozies outside the living room window.

*A special spinster shout-out to my brother, Adam, the bachelor uncle, for supplying me with my "Green Heat Boyfriend". I spoon with it every evening, and for once, I get to be the big spoon.


  1. Hahaha! I love your blog! Another trick to stay warm in a cold home is heating blanket. I wear mine like a cape over my shoulders in my drafty place. Fellow spinster Ju.

  2. You must have the robust British Genes....I used to get dressed IN my bed, as it was so cold in our house! Your warm heart will always get you by.

  3. I think a heating blanket AND a space heater might be necessary...sounds like a Spinster's Day Out at WalMart!

  4. A hot water bottle is a useful thing..old fashioned, spinster auntish for sure, and effective for a few hours..