Friday, December 24, 2010

Entry #17 - The Caulk

Diary of a Spinster Aunt: Entry #17 -Dear Diary, La Niña has hit Spinster Mansion pretty hard. The single-pane windows from 1911 are as effective at keeping out the cold as I am at resisting a smutty historical romance novel; i.e. not very. The heat "included" in our rent is controlled centrally by the landlords and isn't on much, and even when it is it usually smells like marijuana and hamburger helper. Thus, the temperature has plummeted to a point where it is as cold and frigid in the house as the two spinsters who live here. Lucky for us, I discovered a product called "Draft Attack" which allows one to caulk windows closed temporarily. One Youtube video later and I am a Caulk pro. Working with caulk takes a lot of concentration and a steady hand, but I got the job done satisfactorily. Getting out the caulk once a year in order to keep out the cold might become an annual event here at Spinster Mansion!
Well, Diary, I might go turn on the radiator, and by that I mean I might fill up the clawfoot tub with boiling water and hope it radiates some heat.

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