Friday, February 17, 2012

Entry #59 - "Are you the Spinster Aunt?"

Dear Diary,

      A few weeks ago I was...recognized. Not in the usual way, no no. Usually when I am recognized it is by a baffled young student who is surprised to see me outside of a school setting. Some children are happy to see me, some are excited to see me, and some, much like a miniature ex boyfriend, are a little embarrassed to see me and wonder if they can avoid acknowledging my presence altogether.
This was different, this time I was recognized not as Miss G, but rather as the Spinster Aunt, as in *slight head tilt* "Are you the Spinster Aunt"? To which I replied after a moment of stunned silence "...Yes. Yes I am". I was both extremely proud and mildly abashed at the same time; proud that this impartial stranger really enjoyed the blog and found it to be funny, and mildly embarrassed as every blog I have ever published flashed through my mind...all of the many, many pictures and stories. I realized all at once that this person right in front of me, whom I had never met before, may have read all about the fact that I:

 often sometimes cry on the bathroom floor.
 collect cat plates.
 wear Muumuus
 read romance novels and teen fiction. Exclusively.
 get unreasonably upset when my plants die.
 often eat alone...and standing up.
 have solved multiple Nancy Drew mysteries on the computer (only with Kimmy's help...and only on the "junior detective" setting).
Lack of propriety...
 love my cat the way most people love human children.
 vacation like a senior.
 can quote Pride and Prejudice...and Star Wars.
 have been busted dancing in my under-pants by the Hydro guy.
 tear up over lame, pun filled greeting cards.
 have a sister who is in far better shape than I am in spite of the fact that she has two children and I have zero.
 once ate a pancake the size of my face. (see previous item re:fitness, lack there of)
 sometimes spend Christmas alone drinking rum laced soy nog in the bathtub.
 sing Celine Dion loudly in the car wash.
 partake in preposterous family portraits.
 eat pancakes for dinner. Frequently.

As soon as Diary of a Spinster Aunt migrated from Facebook to Blogger I knew that my ridiculous antics were now out there (on the world wide interwebs) for all to read. As a person who enjoys control and takes rejection/criticism quite poorly, this is quite nerve-racking. Blogging publicly is like allowing yourself to fall in love (stay with me, I know this simile has you concerned); there is so much happiness and good that comes along with it, but the possibility of something hurtful/heartbreaking/psychosis-inducing is intertwined as well. I guess there's always a calculated risk when putting yourself out there - so far blogging has been significantly less painful than dating, so I'll stick with this for a while. I have been lucky so far, the only person who has told me to my face that he hates this blog is my ex boyfriend, which is both fair and completely understandable.

Anyway, I thanked the lovely lady for her kind feedback and then fully admitted to her that no one had ever recognized me from my blog before. My friend Alex (from spinster sports) was nearby and so I bellowed "HEY ALEX! THIS LADY RECOGNIZED ME FROM THE BLOG! FIRST PERSON EVER" and then to the lady who recognized me "that's Alex from Spinster Sports". Alex waved sheepishly, probably also embarrassed as she recalled her outfit in those pictures. If you don't remember, it was definitely a "hot flashes" t-shirt with a cat on it and some patchwork shorts. Nothing to be ashamed of, sweetheart!
You're welcome, world.

Spinster Free Time

February has been kind of a blur, but I can tell you that there has been a lot of TV...and a lot of eating...

Downton Abbey
I am enamoured with this delicious, Edwardian smut. I can't get enough. I watched all of season 1 in one day, and all of season 2 three days later. Keep in mind that all together this is around 16 hours of television. I am now feeling a terrible sense of loss that it is over until season 3 starts in September. Today I spent time reading the Downton Abbey wikipedia know, to console myself.

"Don't be a defeatist, dear, it's so middle class" - Maggie Smith as Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham

Somehow the cords for Heather's DVD player got lost in the move, so since August we have been watching Criminal Minds/She's All That/anything Disney on my laptop whilst cuddling on our love-seat. Last week I finally remembered to dig my pink DVD player out of a box in Vanessa's basement. One of the first DVDs I put in was, of course, Pride and Prejudice. I am nothing, if not consistent. Much to my shock, my  P&P would not play. Dear lord...had I worn it out? Is that possible? I ran to Heather's room to get her copy (that's right, we own TWO copies at our house). I put Heather's copy in and, much to my dismay, same thing. Neither copy, widescreen nor full-screen, was working. Not good. Jena was over for movie night, so I asked her if she wouldn't mind cuddling on the love-seat with me and my laptop. She did not mind, so the P&P quote off began. When Heather got home from work that night I was telling her about our P&P DVDs not working, and how strange that was considering a burned DVD of MI3 had worked just fine a few nights earlier. Heather, being a good Spinster's Apprentice, replied "do you think we should burn a copy of P&P? Is three copies too much?". That's my girl.

The obsession with P&P also continues with a new addition to the Spinster Art Collection. The first items in the collection to be neither a cat themed item nor a Kimmy original painting.

A note to Cassie: You will be receiving your own set of these, obviously. Surprise! 

I've also been eating everything. My resolution of "eating like less of an asshole" is not going very well thus far...I actually bought a loaf of white bread. It wasn't a baguette. It pains me slightly to admit it. Here in Victoria people judge you for buying 12 grain whole wheat instead of the full 19 grain squirrily alpine nut flax omega free range loaf. You can imagine the shock and disgust when I went through the checkout with *gasp* Honey & Oat bread! It was worth being ostracized though. Marmite toast made with white bread may be sinful, but it is delicious, delicious sin. 

I have 59 followers (one of which is my ex)! That's around 53 more followers than I projected, success!

Facebook - Diary of a Spinster Aunt 126 "Likes". That's way better than 125, by the by.


  1. Congrats on the recognition! (Not on the white bread.) 8-)

    1. I know, the white bread! I'm so ashamed! ;-)

  2. Remember, I also have a copy of the BBC P & P, so just send me a text and I'll hot foot it over. It's been far too long since I've watched it though, so I might invite myself to stay :)

    1. I own the BBC P&P as well, we should have a date night!

  3. Where did you get the P&P art? I need it!!! It will go nicely with my shelf of Jane Austin books and my P&P purse.

    Given the state of my birthday gifts (several P&P themed items as well as tea, tea set, books and plants) I think I might be an old woman, which is worse than a spinster aunt. Just saying.

    1. My lovely Sara :) I found them with Mini at that little shop in Estevan Village!

  4. I was honoured to be the first person to recognize you! Still loving the blog!